Secure payment uses the secure payment system
How do you check that you are on a secure page?
When you go to the payment page where you need to enter your credit card numbers, you are on a completely secure page. You will notice that the address of the payment page begins with "https: // www." Unlike the other classic web pages that begin with "http: // www.". This "s" is the "s" of secure which means in English secure.
You will also find at the bottom right of your browser a pictogram symbolizing a Padlock or a key according to the browser of your PC informing you that you are also on a page completely secure.
To make your purchases on, it's easy!
1. Use PayPal payment
2. Accepted payment cards (Paypal always process your payments but you do not have to register or sign with them)
You can pay with Blue Card, Visa, Mastercard / Eurocard and American Express.
Choose the payment method that suits you!